Wednesday ,05 May 2021

History of the Universe (Science Rap)

3 years ago
  • History of the Universe (Science Rap)

    3 hours ago

Come with me for an epic science rap about the beginning of the Universe. We'll start with the Big Bang and the rest is well--History! ???????? Hi I'm Mike aka Coma Niddy and I make videos that make you think. Subscribe to my channel and watch all of my science raps! If you liked this song, you'll like ALL my space raps. Check them out here - ???? Special thanks ???? Google's Making & Science Initiative ???? Social Media ???? Snapchat: Tumblr: Facebook: Twitter: PBS Digital Studios ???? Credits ???? Written, Recorded, Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Me! Lighting by Mark Lovedale Science on Fleek Check by Dr. Katie Mack Location Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Audio Track by APM Music Visualizations by Shutterstock by Pond5 ???? Lyrics ???? The History of Everything [Part 1: Cosmic Expansion] Bam! That’s the Big Bang Though it wasn’t an explosion It expaaaaaaaaaaanded Seeming nothing then turned to something The matter is bumping the energy thumping Packing more heat than a bunch of G-Foremans Particles, elements, all the things forming! The Universe has zero chill And it’s pretty dark in here There’s no one to pay the bills Then bam! Early Stars and Quasars Then bam! Radiation everywhere Cosmic gases gets denser and denser Pumping out stars like a stellar dispenser Then they explode galaxy note They get recycled and many more grow Pulled together by gravity Stars form then galaxies Like EGS8P Andromeda and Milky That’s our future dorm We live inside her arm And we’re just moving along Through this Cosmic Storm [Part 2: Solar System Formation] The Milky Way is spinning Swirling and mixing Planetary recipes Gases and stellar debris Solar system whipping in the kitchen Collisions finish took half a billion Solar Winds blow, clean real good Planets and Sun that we call our hood [Part 3: Life On Earth] There’s our pale blue dot It’s the most chill spot Life is a miracle So Don’t discard your shot Before we existed the planet consisted of ancient microorganisms Then reptiles, dinos, mammals, birds Then there were flowers then the sky burned Lots of life lost their shot Little furries rise up Now we are on top What can I say? Mammals rock! In the grand scale of ‘verse Homo-sapiens new on the scene The blink of an eye that is the time to describe our deeds We got good stuff and we got bad stuff And all that between Made by the universe to understand What it all means