Monday ,06 Dec 2021

Ask an Autistic #10 - How To Be An Ally

4 years ago
  • Ask an Autistic #10 - How To Be An Ally

    17 hours ago

What does it mean to be an ally? How can I be a good ally to Autistic people? In what ways can an allistic ally support the Autistic community? What does it mean to "presume competence"? Answers to all of these questions (and a surprise visit from Kitty!) in this episode of Ask an Autistic! Source for the statistics on intellectual disability in Autistic people: Non-verbal Autistic advocates working towards autism acceptance: Amy Sequenzia Ido Kedar Amanda Baggs Naoki Higashida Carly Fleischmann Mike Weinstein Henry Frost Dora Raymaker Peyton Goddard Sharisa Kochmeister Resources for allies: The transcript for this video's captions was provided by Alec, and he's great! You can check out his blog here: (mature content & trigger warning) My blog: My facebook page: The track used in this video was "Like Music" by pheraph