Saturday ,17 Apr 2021


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subscribe for beef or a vegan alternative the videos on my talk channel are WAY calmer haha: If you speak German, you can see Kelly's video for yourself. Do NOT send her hate or dislike her video. I don't want that for her. This doesn't need to go on for longer than it already has. my own video, 'am i ugly?' I have absolutely no ill will towards Kelly - I support any female comedian on YouTube that's able to carve her own path. Of course the language barrier has made it really difficult to judge her video for myself with my own opinion. I suppose if you're able to understand German, this video is down to your own interpretation. Ultimately, what's done is done, and I'm going to try and talk to Kelly personally to apologise for how strong I came across in my tweets to her, hoping she'll understand that of course I'm going to get defensive when I'm told by multiple people that my video had been plagiarised. I hope this video isn't seen as trying to incite drama. We're merely storytellers here, kids. talk channel: gaming channel: merch store: twitter: tumblr: instagram: facebook: snapchat: bananasplatter