Wednesday ,05 May 2021

My Cringiest Internet Moments

3 years ago
  • My Cringiest Internet Moments

    2 hours ago

because every twelve years it's important to cleanse yourself from your online sins click here to subscribe for more cringe fun fact the people who want to take this light-hearted video and turn it into 'wow look who's bringing up old shit for attention' are actually very unhappy and we should only ever be kind to people who are not able to take in enough happiness to put some back out. only ever be respectful to others even if you feel as though they only see the worst in things. you don't know what they're going through :) that's what i learned. it's all just fun and games kidzzzz also live shows are back! i'll be on every wednesday at 9pm but i'll always tweet the direct link just before i go live so be sure to follow: @emmablackery :D gaming channel: twitter: tumblr: instagram: facebook: snapchat: bananasplatter