Saturday ,17 Apr 2021

Plasticine Pokémon Challenge! w/KickThePj

3 years ago
  • Plasticine Pokémon Challenge! w/KickThePj

    19 hours ago

in which i become a professional pokésculptor and decide ivysaur is my favourite pokémon ever here's the video we made over on pj's channel! click here to subscribe and catch them all (get it? ah. pokemon jokes) fun fact we tried making a machoke as well but it turns out trying to make grey out of black and white plasticine goes HORRENDOUSLY wrong. we don't talk about machoke. ever. also live shows are back! i'll be (somewhere) on younow every wednesday at 9pm but i'll always tweet the direct link just before i go live so be sure to follow: @emmablackery :D gaming channel: twitter: tumblr: instagram: facebook: snapchat: bananasplatter