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Black Friday (The Kidnapping Year)

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  • Black Friday (The Kidnapping Year)

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Black Friday - The message is clear: We have your daughter and we are prepared to kill her. What we want are the contents of a Safety Deposit box in your bank. You have one hour. What happens next, no one could have predicted. Securities expert Rachel McKenzie (Emmy Nominee Amy Carlson, Law & Order: Trial by Jury) is rewarded with the well-earned position as Vice President of Bay Cities Mutual Bank following the suspicious death of Baxter, her predecessor. Her ingenious high-tech systems boast the most state-of-the-art protection of any bank in the country. But it’s her very expertise that places her in grave danger when her daughter Hannah is kidnapped. The ransom is access to the mysterious contents of a certain safety deposit box in the impenetrable chambers of Bay Cities Mutual. Rachel designed the system. Only she can breach it. If she doesn’t comply in total secrecy, her daughter will die. Racing against time, Rachel discovers that the safety deposit box belongs to a cop who’s turned up dead. He’s left behind an explosive piece of evidence, the key to a poisonous trail of police corruption—one that has claimed two victims. Knowing that she can’t trust the Bay Cities PD, and raising suspicions in the DA investigating Cardoza’s death, Rachel realizes that she’s in it alone. Plunged into a cat and mouse game with the kidnappers, Rachel is on the run from the cops and from the DA—and rushing toward a harrowing stand-off with a corrupt cabal desperate to eliminate their secret and bury Rachel and her daughter along with it.