Saturday ,21 May 2022

Snake in The Eagle's Shadow Part 2

1 year ago
  • Snake in The Eagle's Shadow Part 2

    3 hours ago

Ah Fu (Wang Tao) and Chen Ting Kuan (Carter Wong) are a couple of gung fu men in the escort service business with top notch gung fu. Ah Fu gets tired of the escort service and quits to taking up the life of a normal man. In his new “life”, Ah Fu runs into a thief named Li Chi (Li Kun), and the two become the best of friends. Life is great! Ah Fu gets married to a pretty girl, Yu Lan (Ha Ling Ling). He has money, servants, and foot massages. What else could you want? Ah Fu’s life gets turned upside down when a mantis fist expert named Nan Kung Ping (Lung Fei) shows up at Ah Fu’s doorsteps seeking to avenge the death of his brother. Good finale. Snake Fist vs. Mantis fist at the very best!