Tuesday ,02 Mar 2021

How I'm Learning Sign Language!

3 years ago
  • How I'm Learning Sign Language!

    8 hours ago

Hey guys! Today's video is all about how I'm learning sign language, specifically PSE. Hope it helps! I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I FORGOT TO MENTION SOMETHING INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT BECAUSE I'M A DINGUS. The absolute BEST way to learn sign language is to immerse yourself in the Deaf/ HOH community. Language comes best with direct experience! My video on ASL vs PSE vs SEE: http://youtu.be/rp4-m8Ih6QQ Websites I Learn From: www.aslpro.com www.spreadthesign.com (make sure to click the US flag for the American sign! www.handspeak.com www.lifeprint.com www.signingsavvy.com www.youtube.com/billvicars Stalk Me: www.instagram.com/libbeytds www.younow.com/thedailysign www.twitter.com/libbeytds