Saturday ,27 Feb 2021

Google Immerse VR | Racial Identity: Dezzie's Story 360º VR...

3 years ago
  • Google Immerse VR | Racial Identity: Dezzie's Story 360º VR Video

    46 minutes ago

Google Immerse VR videos investigate race, diversity, and identity by exploring how real people interact with the world and how the world interacts with them. Experience the other Google Immerse VR videos at Join Dezzie, a UX Designer at Google, as she shares how racial identity, bias, and systematic racism impact her and her family everyday. Dezzie says: “You can't talk about racial identity without talking about racism." Stand shoulder to shoulder in Virtual Reality with Dezzie and explore her challenges, successes, and sense of identity as you travel with her around Paris and back to her childhood home. Made in partnership with Light Sail VR. Part 1 of 3 in the Google Immerse VR Racial Identity series. Featuring: Dezzie Dimbitsara and Emilie Bequignat, Benjamin Gaulon, Ilana, Nora Light Sail VR Team: Director - Matthew Celia Producer - Robert Watts Writer - Katherine Celia Cinematography - Keith Lancaster Editor - Matthew Celia Original Music - Dimitri Smith Guitar Soloist - Kevin Enstrom Cello Soloist - Katt Newlon Production Manager - Jason Huddleston Production Coordinator, France - Guillaume Marchant Production Sound Mixer - Gabe Ruggiero VFX - Occlusion VFX Post Production Sound - Empty Sea Audio Supervising Sound Editor - Mark Camperell, MPSE Re-Recording Mixer - Michael O’Connor Sound Editor - Michael O’Connor Colorist - Arianna Shinning Star Pane at Velem Google Immerse Team: Google Immerse Founder - Gina Rudan Google Immerse Executive Producer & Program Manager - Jeffrey Breau Google Immerse Executive Producers - Liza Patnoe, Dominique Mungin, Ragland Williamson Executive Producer - Hunter Johnson Google Immerse Communications - Sarah Choi With Special Thanks to: Florence Aknin, Alexandra Labourel, Elizabeth Lowe-Hunter, Hannah Thedros; Nilka Thomas, Dr. Myosha McAfee and the Google Diversity & Inclusion Team; Peter Lubbers, Jamie Baughman and Google Developer Studio; Google People Development Team; Google Computer Science Education in Media; Sarah Steele, Joe Szopa and the Jump Team; Oona King, Stephen Golden and the YouTube Diversity & Inclusion Team; Erin Teague and the YouTube VR Team; Xpedition Media; Le Pigalle Café, Paris, France; SNCF France and SNCF Nevers; Woods Communications; The City of Clamecy, France; The City of Nevers, France; The City of Paris, France; Google Paris Made on: Jump